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The absence of formal standards, ethical guidelines, professionalization, and adequate self-regulation in the domain of information systems design, development, and engineering, in combination with the recent proliferation of scalable artificial intelligence, threatens the very fabric of our society. Failure to address this absence would constitute a reckless gamble with potentially dire consequences, impacting financial, physical, health, identity, cyber, election, and cognitive security.
COGSEC is currently requesting feedback on its FY 2024 initiative, which is focused on working with partners to establish methods for local sharing and setting of best practices, duties of care, and standards (i.e., self-infrastructuring and professionalization) at the edges between professions and roles involved in procuring, designing, developing, or implementing information systems, such as chief data officers, chief information officers, software and machine learning engineers, and user experience designers. COGSEC intends to refine its 2023 draft specification of ATLAS developed in 2023, and begin work on scale-appropriate prototype implementation for use in codifying common patterns of practice, risk, and governance as it relates to professionalization.
Issues of interest include AI safety, explainability, potential for model collapse, stability of APIs and information supply chains, stability of cyber insurance, interdisciplinary information sharing, modeling of information and ontology conflicts using generalized dynamical systems and active inference, and implications of artificial intelligence on cognitive security.
If you have feedback on or are interested in collaborating on or supporting this program, reach out:


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