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Reach out with questions at

If you are interested in contributing to any topic related to Cognitive Security or in any past research initiative, please feel free to reach out to

If there is a specific project you believe is relevant to our current initiative that you’d like to propose or find collaborators for, please fill out a Facilitator’s Catechism and submit it to, with the subject heading, “FC-[your project callsign] [your last name]”, and we will review it. If it is relevant and of interest, it will be shared with other potential partners and collaborators in the interest of helping you to obtain resources and collaborators.

If there is a tool-based approach you are interested in pursuing or need help in pursuing, please fill out an Ideation, Curation, or Pitch stage Innovator’s Catechism depending on your current progress and submit it to, with the subject heading “IC-[your project callsign]] [Your Last Name]”.

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If you’re interested in collaborating on our current initiative, fill out the form below and we will contact you if a project is proposed that may be of interest.

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