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What is Cognitive Security?

Cognitive Security (COGSEC) refers to practices, methodologies, and efforts made to defend against social engineering attempts‒intentional and unintentional manipulations of and disruptions to cognition and sensemaking. Cognitive Security, in cybersecurity contexts however, usually refers to the application of AI and Machine learning technologies which are modeled on human cognition to the detection of security threats‒in this respect, the two definitions are intertwined, as research which informs the practices and methodologies of the first definition inform the models used in the second.
Research on COGSEC sits at the intersection of many fields, building on research in the domains of sensemaking, memory, active inference and neuroscience, deception and counterdeception, intelligence analysis, bibliometrics, knowledge management, pedagogy, and others.
sees a multi-dimensional basis for doctrine in this domain in order to provide a whole-of-nation defense enabled by tools, education-infrastructure, and a stronger remote culture. Please see our to learn more.

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