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Research Initiatives

Each year, COGSEC sets out to achieve a particular research initiative.


Goal: To better understand the relationship between government, military, intelligence, consumer, and industry interests and their stated needs within relevant domains in order to serve as a reliable bridge between them in future research projects.
The resulting volume was titled “The Pipeline: EdTech, Knowledge Management, and NATSEC”, and is .


Goal: To develop a better understanding of emergent remote organizations, how and why they form, perform, and disintegrate, as well as how individuals make sense of their environment socially.
The resulting volume was titled “The Great Preset: Remote Teams and Operational Art”, and is .


Goal: To move toward better formalizations of how we track, detect, develop, compress, and store information about narrative and memetic content. It focused on exploring the domains of intelligence analysis, commercial intelligence, and sensemaking in a team and project context, building on the research developed from COGSEC’s 2020 research initiative on remote team performance.
The resulting volume was titled “Narrative Information Ecosystems”, and is .
COGSEC continued this initiative through 2022 in partnership with the .


Goal: To work towards tool development and test the use of catechism-based team facilitation at a larger scale.
The resulting volume was titled “Structuring the Information Commons: Open Standards and Cognitive Security”, and is .

2022 - 2023

COGSEC is actively seeking collaborators of all levels of experience and availability for our interdisciplinary 2022-2023 research initiative, ATLAS-23. Please see our for more details.

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